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Coaching programs are beneficial to an organization when they are planned, implemented, and managed correctly. As your coaching program begins to grow, how can you ensure that all stakeholders are following the correct coaching process? How can you keep track of all your program's coaching engagements while measuring the success of each coaching partnership?

These are only a few of the administrative activities needed to manage the success of your organization's coaching program. Additionally, the complexity of a coaching program increases with the inclusion of internal and external coaches, and with partnerships maintained in dispersed locations.

Manage, Track, and Report

Our comprehensive coaching software solutions are designed to enable program administrators to proficiently manage and track any number of coaching programs, allow internal and external coaches to participate and follow an approved process, provide coachees the tools they need to succeed in the program, and enable the organization to track and report on the original goals agreed upon for the coaching initiative. (Learn more)

Seamless Coaching Software and Program Implementation

Our coaching software has been successfully implemented by many coaching firms and HR departments around the globe. We understand that every organization has a different coaching process, and we configure our software to fit yours seamlessly. All our solutions are delivered by consultants who, having worked with many organizations that have implemented coaching initiatives, can advise on best practices for your own coaching program.

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Coaching Software: Features and Benefits

For Program Administrators

  • Matching - First, determine your matching criteria for coaching partnerships within each program. Using our coaching matching tool, empower program administrators to match coachees with the most qualified coaches (optionally, coachees may self-match with coaches). Coaching partnerships are more successful, and administration time is dramatically reduced.

  • Tracking - Track coach-coachee interaction as well as each participant's individual activity.

  • Communication - Send emails and automated alerts prompted by events such as first login, account inactivity, approaching end-date, and goal due-dates.

  • Assessment - Send feedback surveys to individual coachees, and build customized ad-hoc reports at any time.

  • Management - Manage multiple coaching initiatives simultaneously.

  • Process Integration - Enforce your coaching program's guidelines by easily uploading your approved coaching process for coaches and coachees to follow.

  • Mentoring Integration - When mentoring is needed for certain individuals, this software solution can be easily configured to assist in managing integrated coaching/mentoring programs. See our mentoring solutions for more information.

For Coaches

  • Communication and Integration - Provide a social networking framework that provides coaches and coachees with interactive tools for profile creation and relationship management (LinkedIn integration optional), and upload documents related to coach-coachee engagement.

  • Assessment - Initiate LES (Leadership Effectiveness Survey) sessions for coachees as often as needed or desired, and make interaction notes available for review.

  • Management - View and manage all active coaching engagements, track coach-coachee relationships with interaction notes, flag interactions for follow-up, and enter feedback providers for the integrated 360 feedback surveys.

For Coachees

  • Career Development Tools - Enrich career-focused coaching engagements with development tools that include a learning and development plan for goal-setting and tracking, integrated career exercises and assessments, and our support for integration of third-party provider assessments.

  • Goal Tracking and Reporting - View coachee summary status, details of last coach-coachee interaction, and coach-coachee engagements filtered by active or inactive status. Easily access links to coach profiles, deliverables checklists, and report documents via the coachee dashboard. Easily print reports and enable automated report generation. (Learn more.)

  • Communication - Use our social framework to create coach and coachee profiles, facilitate coach-coachee communication and relationship management, and access coach profiles and contact information.

Success Stories

Insala helped address some of the key challenges we faced at Unilever, which is virtual mentoring, as many of our mentees and mentors are not in the same geographic location. Insala's mentoring consultant, Judy Corner, is a true mentoring specialist and a highly engaging individual.

Katherine Ray
Global Talent Manager Unilever

At BPI, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness to the needs of both existing and potential customers. Insala's fast and reliable customer service and support have enabled us to do just that. When BPI UK were faced with a tight deadline to develop a career center website for a customer, Insala quickly met our needs. The Insala team were able to translate the BPI France website into British English and launch the website in record time. As a result, we were able to deliver our career center services to the customer with timescales that exceeded their expectations.

Diana Westlake
Managing Consultant BPI Group

Our pilot Mentoring programme using the Insala platform has been well received by our participants and has given our Mentees the tools to chose an appropriate Mentor to meet their own specific development and career needs. Organisationally the portal is encouraging networking and collaboration across both business lines and functions and locations. The Insala team are professional, pragmatic and agile and have worked closely with us to deliver our pilot programme to meet our business needs

Julie Aspinall
Human Resources

I worked with Judy Corner of Insala to develop a customized mentoring program for International Paper. Judy provided a degree of confidence to the Chairman's Diversity Council as she presented a pragmatic, visionary, long term perspective on the benefits to be gained from Insala's program. Following the M.O.R.E. workshop, participants were surveyed on session effectiveness and Insala received a 100% favorable rating on the value of the day. I highly recommend Insala and believe they offer a distinct advantage to companies looking to advance their position in the ongoing war for talent.

Cheryl Kern
Principal, Global Diversity and Inclusion

As part of a talent management initiative, United Nations Federal Credit Union (UNFCU), partnered with Insala to provide high potential/high performing staff with a structured vehicle to develop their career goals. From the onset, the Insala team provided exceptional client service, ensuring UNFCU had knowledgeable technical resources at its disposal throughout the implementation of its Career Development portal. Insala's partnership with UNFCU has directly impacted its ability to solidify an effective succession planning program and retain our high potential/high performing talent.

Carlene Alexander
Manager, HR Administration

Insala provided a global online solution which helped align our business strategy with our management needs for the future. With their product, we were able to understand our skill gaps and develop our future leaders with the findings. This solution took one hour for an employee to complete, eliminated drawers of paperwork, and provided upper management instant visibility on our progress.

Rick Huntley
Vice President Human Resources Intertek

ACCA aims to provide our 110,000 members and 260,000 students with direct access to the most exciting and rewarding job opportunities currently available in the world of business and finance. Our online Career Management Resources, available through ACCA Careers, is powered by EmploymentTalk™ and allows our members, students and affiliates to use their time both efficiently and effectively on critical career development activities, while EmploymentTalk™ organizes and plans the route to career success.

Heather Morris
Head of Training Policy and Professional Development ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

Our partnership with Insala has allowed us to offer an entirely new service to our job seekers, which helps prepare them for getting their next job. The assessments and career advice tools offered through our site continue to be successful, and the seamless support provided has proven very efficient. Insala consistently responds in a swift fashion whenever we need assistance, and continues to provide us with a very professional service.

Marcy Richardson
Content Manager Monster

This past winter was definitely remarkable. We found that the E-mail Broadcaster function is the easiest and fastest way to reach all our candidates to inform them of any changes in our office hours - including having to close due to inclement weather, delayed openings, or early closure. Additionally, we use this function to promote our seminars and workshops, and the career coaches can reach all of their candidates in one simple email. This tool is a tremendous asset.

Antoinette Murray
Director, Administration & Client Relations The Schegg Group

We first started using EmploymentTalk™ in our practice in 2001, and have stuck with it ever since. What spurred us to stay on was both the professionalism and responsiveness of the Insala team, as well as the regular software upgrades we received, which ensured we had a cutting edge tool at any given time. Today, EmploymentTalk™ enables us to deliver a longer duration of outplacement services and thereby exceed our clients' expectations. As more and more organizations look to provide cost-effective, efficient and high-impact outplacement, we are able to meet their needs.

Len Rishkofski
CEO Snowden

This is a fantastic product that will really help our workforce. The Insala team has done a great job maximizing the application capabilities and tailoring it to help our diverse workforce in transition. They've demonstrated a true partnership in providing us with expert assistance, met our special needs, and done so in a timely and cost effective manner.

Len Martinez
VP of Administration and Chief Financial Officer Kaiser-Hill Company, LLC

Insala has excelled as a global technology partner to our organization. Insala is not only a provider and implementer of superior career management technology, but a constant and reliable source of ideas and best practices in our industry. Having Insala as a strategic partner has enabled our organization to provide superior, seamless career management and transition services to corporate clients worldwide, and has positioned OI Partners as a global leader in the delivery of career transition services.

Joy Reed Belt, Ph.D.
Chairman and Managing Partner OI Partners, Americas

Our candidates are just blown away by the amount of research they get on specific companies and industries. Their ability to get REALLY good information, and MUCH MORE information than they typically could get on their own, and have it presented so quickly and effectively, is very powerful. It gives us a big sales and marketing advantage.

Kathleen Brown
Vice President, Career Transition Services King & Bishop

Insala performed very well in creating our new corporate website. I was really pleased with the design options they offered. In addition, Insala representatives were wonderful to work with, responding quickly to our needs and delivering solutions in a very timely manner.

Dr. Pamela Johnson
President Nia Consulting & Development


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