Phillip C. Roark

President & CEO

Phillip C. Roark, Chief Executive Officer, co-founded H.R. Assistants in 1996. H.R. Assistants, an HR services business, merged with NeoTrek web design, in 2000 to form Insala.

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Mark Hamdan


Mark Hamdan is an innovator, investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience providing focused leadership, building effective management teams and creating and developing profitable businesses.

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Stephen Grindrod

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Stephen leads all operational functions within Insala, by enabling each team to successfully deliver Insala’s technology solutions. He works very closely with implementation specialists, business analysts, UI/UX experts, subject matter experts, client engagement representatives to always deliver sustainable and well configured solutions used by all types of organizations around the globe.

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Wendy Giner
Wendy Giner

Customer Success Leader

As Customer Success Leader, Wendy is responsible for ensuring customers reach success through the use of Insala's technology solutions. She leads the Customer Success, Account Management, and Training teams, inspiring them to create a positive experience for our customers throughout their journey. 

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Alok Kumar

Head of IT

As Head Of IT, Alok leads the technology team in building, supporting, and delivering Insala’s products. 

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