Maan (Mark) Hamdan
Maan (Mark) Hamdan

Executive Chairman

Maan (Mark) Hamdan is an innovator, investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience providing focused leadership, building effective management teams and creating and developing profitable businesses.

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Taito Nakagawa

Chief Operating Officer

Taito Nakagawa is a seasoned business executive with broad experience in business transformation, operational and process excellence and implementing new disruptive solutions for Global 2000 enterprises.

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Judy Corner

Director of Consulting

Judy is the Director of Consulting at Insala. She has over 30 years of experience providing customized human resources consulting services to medium to large organizations across a variety of industries. 

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Alok Kumar, Insala's Head of IT
Alok Kumar

Head of IT

As Head Of IT, Alok leads the technology team in building, supporting, and delivering Insala’s products. 

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