Discover how to plan and implement a successful mentoring program for your organization.

The Mentoring Readiness workshop is step one to ensuring the success of your mentoring program. This expert-led, strategic meeting brings together your organization’s key decision makers and stakeholders to determine the precise strategic reason for implementing a mentoring program. During the session you will create the most successful design and plan in a collaborative setting. Your plan will help you determine the best way to measure your results and increase the likelihood of program success.


Your Career Mentoring Program Objectives

Through the Mentoring Readiness workshop, your organization will be assisted with all necessary elements for a successful and sustainable program implementation. These elements include:

  • Setting specific organizational objectives
  • Determining appropriate success metrics based on the organizational objectives
  • Identifying key elements necessary in a successful initiative
  • Identifying the advantages and challenges of implementation

Connect & Engage

Your Program Participants

The Mentoring Readiness workshop gives you the opportunity to understand the value that mentoring relationships will bring to mentors, mentees, and your organization. You will collect input from participants regarding their present program status and address issues regarding the understanding of elements that promote success. You will also identify the elements needed for your organization to have a successful mentoring program and to what measure these elements already exist.



Your Mentoring Program

You will receive written post-evaluation report at the conclusion of the Mentoring Readiness workshop. This report will summarize the information collected during the workshop. The report will also include your initial mentoring program plan, as well as the implementation plan created specifically for your organization. This information will give you the next steps needed to ensure the success of your mentoring program.


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