Develop a successful mentoring program for your organization. 

We put our 30+ years of experience to work for you. 

During our expert-led sessions, we help you build your program from the ground up by determining the precise, strategic reason for implementing a mentoring program then analyzing and planning the elements of a successful program.  


Your Career Mentoring Program Objectives

Take a deep dive into the elements that make a mentoring program successful and sustainable. Together we will analyze what each element looks like for your program or future program.  

 Some of these elements include: 

  • Organizational objectives supported by the program 
  • Success indicators based on organizational objectives 
  • Advantages and possible challenges of implementation  
  • Marketing and communication plans for the program
  • Evaluation and check-in processes 



Testimonial: VCH Health has seen an 8.4% decrease in turnover since implementing their program


Your Mentoring Program

Using the analysis, we will collaborate to design an effective, long lasting mentoring program that meets your organization’s needs. Some of the areas we will focus on include:  

  • Program objectives and success metrics 
  • Program administration and qualifying participants 
  • Implementation timelines 
  • Possible challenges and solutions of implementation for mentors, mentees, and the organization 
  • Marketing and communication plans
  • Maintaining engagement 
  • Ongoing program evaluation, support, and promotion 
  • How software can support the program 
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Launch & Manage

Your Mentoring Program

Implement your plan with confidence. You will have the tools and knowledge to manage your program and drive it to success.  

After the sessions, we will provide you with a written post-evaluation report that includes: 

  • A summary of the information collected during the sessions  
  • An implementation plan created specifically for your organization 
  • Suggestions for ongoing evaluation 
  • Next steps to ensure the success of your program 
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Insala’s Integrated Suite of Software Solutions

Insala’s software solutions allow you to support your employees throughout their career lifecycle. Each software is customized with the necessary tools and resources to meet the needs of your development program. Which software is right for your program?

Software Solutions that Benefit Every Industry

Through the years, Insala has gained knowledge and experience by working with a variety of industries around the world. Our integrated software solutions have been implemented by these industries to successfully engage, develop, transition, and connect individuals.

Our Industry Expertise

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