Customized training to support your development program processes and objectives.

We provide customized training to all Insala clients. Each training session is hand-crafted to discover how our software solutions can be implemented to maximize the success of your development program. Clients are provided individual training sessions that focus on the user and administration experiences with emphasis on the software's major tools, general processes, and reporting metrics.


Your Program Objectives

To implement your software customizations, we must first understand your program needs and objectives. This information is essential to ensuring that your development program and software solutions are working together. Through a series of essential learning sessions our training expert helps you to:

  • Determine how our software can support your organizational objectives and provide the necessary information to gather success metrics.
  • Maximize your ability to manage your development program.
  • Limit challenges and take advantage of the tools and resources at your disposable.

Connect & Engage

Your Team

Personalized training is provided to your administrative team to ensure that your time and resources are being used efficiently. During the essential training sessions, we educate your team on the following topics:

  • Your participant’s experience within the software.
  • Basic function and processes to manage your program.
  • The automation of your internal communications and distribution of content and resources.
  • Creation of personalized program metrics for successful reporting and analysis.

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Insala’s Integrated Suite of Software Solutions

Insala’s software solutions allow you to support your employees throughout their career lifecycle. Each software is customized with the necessary tools and resources to meet the needs of your development program. Which software is right for your program?

  • Career Management Software – Allow employees to manage their self-directed career journey
  • Mentoring Software – Manage your successful mentoring program
  • Coaching Software – Develop key skills in leaders through your coaching program
  • Career Transition Software – Manage your outplacement processes
  • Alumni Software – Connect and engage your corporate alumni network

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Software Solutions that Benefit Every Industry

Through the years, Insala has gained knowledge and experience by working with a variety of industries around the world. Our integrated software solutions have been implemented by these industries to successfully engage, develop, transition, and connect individuals.

Our Industry Expertise