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Implement cutting-edge mentoring software to automate and manage your mentoring program.

Save time and make your mentoring program more successful. Our comprehensive online mentoring software will take your mentoring program to the next level by automating all your current activities and creating successful mentoring relationships. 


Your Mentoring Software Solution

Our mentoring experts work with you every step of the way to build a mentoring software solution aligned with your business goals and mentoring initiatives that ensures a seamless enrollment process for all mentoring program participants.  

Some configuration options include:

  • SSO (Single Sign On) 
  • Your Branding and Domain Masking
  • Multi Portal Languages
  • Matching Criteria
  • Multiple Program Capability 
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Engaging Communication Plans 
  • Data Integration Capabilities 

Integrations Graphic


Your Participants

Good mentoring relationships are the start of every mentoring program success story.

Let your custom matching criteria and the power of our P3 Mentor Matching Algorithm do the heavy lifting. Together, they are the recipe for creating mentor-mentee pairs that meet development needs and align with business goals 

  • P3 Matching Algorithm: Our 3-level approach finds the best possible mentor match through a questionnaire, profile data, and personality compatibility. 
  • Administrator / Self Matching: Program participants can choose their own mentors or administrators can match on behalf of the mentee.
  • Group Matching: Users and admins can create mentoring groups. Each group have access to tools to communicate and collaborate. 
  • Match Percentage Indicator: Our matching technology will let you know how good of a match a mentor is. 


a mentor mentee pair with a 100% match


Your Participants

Let the development begin! Once matched, engagement is the key to keeping mentoring relationshipalive. Insala’s all-in-one platform provides the tools needed to engage participants all the way from goal setting to goal achieving. 

  • Goal Setting
  • Online Training
  • Automated Check-ins and Surveys
  • Instant Chat
  • Video Conferencing 
a mentor and mentee meet over video call using Insala's mentoring platform

The data shows that our overall turnover rate has decreased 8.3% in two years and this translates to thousands of dollars. People will stay where they have positive relationships and this program definitely helped te (2)

Measure & Analyze

Your Mentoring Program Success

The success of effective mentoring programs can be attributed to measuring program performance and continuous improvement efforts based on data and program goals. Our reporting and survey tools provide the insights needed to drive improvement and prove effectiveness.

  • Survey feedback reports
  • Metrics Dashboard
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Downloadable Reports

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Resource Library

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Marketing Your Mentoring Program: Before the Launch

Ensure the success of your mentoring program by creating a complete mentoring strategy to increase awareness.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the globe, the employee experience is dramatically shifting. Sudden layoffs are abruptly moving employees to new stages of the employee experience.

Plan and Implement a Successful Career Development Program

Employees and their careers are front and center in any successful organization and the way in which an organization supports the development of careers, gives their employees a reason to engage and grow. By providing career options and visibility into opportunities for growth, organizations can significantly increase employee engagement.

Before software solutions can be implemented, a successful career development program must be in place.

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a team gathered around a table planning career development programs for their organization

Software Solutions that Benefit Every Industry

Through the years, Insala has gained knowledge and experience by working with a variety of industries around the world. Our integrated software solutions have been implemented by these industries to successfully engage, develop, transition, and connect individuals.


Our Industry Expertise

four colleagues reviewing their work together

Customer Testimonials

Insala helped address some of the key challenges we faced at Unilever, which is virtual mentoring, as many of our mentees and mentors are not in the same geographic location. Insala's mentoring consultant, Judy Corner, is a true mentoring specialist and a highly engaging individual.

Katherine Ray

Our pilot Mentoring programme using the Insala platform has been well received by our participants and has given our Mentees the tools to choose an appropriate Mentor to meet their own specific development and career needs. Organisationally the portal is encouraging networking and collaboration across both business lines and functions and locations. The Insala team are professional, pragmatic and agile and have worked closely with us to deliver our pilot programme to meet our business needs.

Julie Aspinall
Societe Generale

One way in which we demonstrate our commitment to employees is to provide opportunities for them to develop; mentoring is an important component of employee development in North America. Insala supported us in leveraging formal mechanisms and provided us best practices to launch a sustainable mentor program. The MORE Workshop was our pivotal starting point, strategizing with stakeholders to build a practical plan for implementation including communication, training, metrics, and more. The outcome has been a clear benefit for participants and for Solvay.

Kelly Bessler

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