What is Cross-Generational Mentoring?

December 19, 2017
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As the workforce continues to become more diverse, different generations are not only working together, but also learning from each other. It isn’t uncommon to see cross-generational mentoring taking place within your organization’s mentoring program. But what exactly do we mean by cross-generational mentoring?

The simple definition for cross-generational mentoring is “pairing a person from one generation with a person from a different generation with the goal of mutual learning and growth.” It seems simple enough but the big part of that definition that doesn’t always get taken into consideration is that there should be “mutual learning and growth”.  Having a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship can help to increase the success of these relationships and the mentoring program.

There are two significant benefits of cross-generational mentoring for your organization…

The Elimination of Skill Gaps

By creating a mentoring relationship where both younger and older share experiences, skills and new ways of working, employers will be able to create a bridge to eliminate both the generational and skill gaps that exist. 

Creating a Bridge to Eliminate the Generation Gaps That Exist

Mentoring helps individuals become familiar with each generation’s differences and strengths. This mutually understanding can help bring these generations closer together and create a more positive and productive work environment for your organization.

It is on surprise that as the years continue to pass, new generations will enter the workforce with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a lot of differences. Being prepared for these changes that are inevitable in your organization will only make your workforce more successful.

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