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Mentor Matching: The Pros and Cons


There are several methods that can be used in the mentor matching process. No matter which method your organization chooses, we recommend simplifying the process by using mentor matching software.

When using this software to facilitate mentor-matching, you should also recognize your top priorities: Is timing crucial? As the administrator, do you need full control? Should mentors and mentees be matched by compatibility? Is the number of possible matches important? Recognizing these top priorities will allow your organization to get the most out of your matching software and choose the process that works best for your overall goals.

Self Matching

Mentees know what they are looking for in a mentor, so sometimes it’s best to let them choose.

We have seen that when a mentee chooses their mentor, the relationship can be longer-lasting and more fruitful.


  • Usually a more successful match
  • Does not require administrator’s time


  • Mentees don’t always initiate relationship searching process
  • Less control of matching for admin 

If your goal is to find your employees mentors that they can connect with professionally and personally, self matching is a great approach.

Admin Matching

As an employer, if you need control over mentor-matching decisions, admin matching is a practical option.


  • Administrator has full control over matching process
  • Mentees aren’t required to request or respond to matches


  • Takes hours to days to match every mentee
  • Chosen mentoring relationships may not be the best match

If timing is critical, this may not be the best approach. Use admin matching if a higher number of matches is a priority, and you have the time to put into the mentor matching process.

Preliminary Matching

This mixture of admin matching and self matching is also an option. It carries the advantages of both options as well as their disadvantages.


  • Administrator has full control over matching process
  • Mentee chooses their preferred mentor


  • Longest matching process
  • Mentees don’t always request a mentor
  • Mentors don’t always accept/decline requests

This is an effective form of mentor matching if timing isn’t critical and harmonious mentoring relationships are a priority.

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