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Insala: Evolving the Employee Experience after 23 Years

Great things happened 23 years ago. Hosted Internet computers rose from 1 million to 10 million, more emails were sent than by post, and online startups began rapidly forming. It was clear in 1996, the world was transitioning into a new era of web centric technology and lifestyle. 

In reality, most organizations were still deciding if they needed a web page or not. Using the web to engage incoming, current, and former employees was not really on the radar. But, Phillip Roark saw this potential opportunity of the web for organizations to form greater partnerships with their employees.

“As an HR professional it was clear the careers marketplace would change as a result of the web.  People would need access to a more fluid career journey,” Phillip says. “Companies were downsizing and rightsizing, and many employees career needs were not considered or met. There were few to no online solutions for most people.”

The opportunity to connect organizations and individuals in order to recognize a shared career journey while leveraging an online advancements was a green field opportunity.  This in mind helped to establish Insala.

The Insala team founders also included Matt Adams and Doug Maxwell.  The three partners worked together to evolve a relatively obscure idea back then to support individuals’ career journey with support of their employer and all online. 

While surviving market highs and lows, taking a decision to bootstrap the business for the long-term, every obstacle was eventually overcome.  Today Insala has developed into a tightly held privately owned company and leading global provider of talent development software and consulting

Immense amounts of tested industry knowledge enabled Insala to deliver the importance of career development for the employee to organizations around the world. This knowledge shows that every organization is different, just like everyone within those organizations is different.  And career development is delivered to the employee through methods like coaching, mentoring, self-exploration, assessment, career transition and corporate alumni.

Insala’s technology began to distinguish these differences by combining the needs of the employer with those of the employee, creating an experience customized for the specific organization.

“Insala was established to what is now called ‘democratize access’ by all people to career development and transition information and tools.  It has always been important that the tools are easy to understand and use, available in local language and culture and generally was much more readily available only to senior level employees.”

In 2019, Insala still understands every experience is unique. Employees must be served as if they were a client of their employer, and our solutions make it possible to improve the careers and lives of each employee-customer for the entire life cycle of their career paid by current or former employer.

Web-based employee career development itself is trending significantly as it provides significant support to the employee and the employer.  Insala’s customers access technology supporting mentoring, coaching, career development, transition or fostering alumni.

“The new customer that all organizations must serve is the employee. Insala uniquely provides capability to employers to improve the careers and lives of their employees from first contact in the hiring process to lifelong engagement as alumni.”

Insala uniquely supports the entire employee experience, from recruitment to alumni. Building this lifelong relationship with employees is necessary to sincerely form a strong bond between organization and individual, and the benefits remain in place for years to come.

Though technological and economic advancement occurred during the past 23 years Insala’s technology and concepts remain up-to-date and continue to modernize.  Phillip Roark and the Insala team know that the future is now - preparing today and continuing to future proof what Insala provides to millions of people on their career journey is essential.

“The vision Insala laid out in 1996 is happening now.  Each year the needs becomes more important than ever to support the career of individuals who are more global, diverse, and fluid than ever before. Employers that are embracing new models to remain competitive know the value of supporting their people with flexibility, inclusion, virtual teaming and on demand learning. Efforts to improve careers and lives for as many people as possible is critical.”

Insala wants to impact workplace happiness through the future of employee career development. Many new factors, some unknown today, will influence the employee experience and Insala will strive to continuously deliver value to our virtual community as the market continues to evolve.

“Insala’s influence is a benchmark for supporting employers with this unique combination of experience, technology, content and process workflow. 

A ‘job’ or experience is just one point in an individual’s life and career. This fact rings true and will for decades to come. 23 years from now Insala hopes to evolve as the employee experience does. Insala will continue to be a thought leader in the career development industry and realize that past, present or future happy employees or contributors are the key to a worthwhile and connected journey.