5 Tips for Implementing a Corporate Alumni Network

February 01, 2018
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Organizations are looking for success with any program that they implement, but they often wonder how success can be captured for a program that is centered around individuals that are no longer a part of the organization. Well, thatís simple, donít let them say goodbye.

Here are 5 tips on how to implement your Corporate Alumni Network so that your alumni remain engaged and continue to be an advocate for your organization, even after they leave.

Itís All About the Alumni

Yes, your organization is going to see a lot of benefits from having an alumni network in place, but only if you remember who the network is really for. Your alumni network should be all about your alumni. This is a time for you to give them what they want and need from your organization so that they feel more engaged and willing to help you see future benefits. One way to give your alumni what they want is to support them in their career transition. You need them just as much as they need you. 

Embrace Alumni Technology

Having technology that allows for automation of your alumni network is key. Not only does this make things easier on the individuals managing your program, but itís a better way to make sure that your alumni are getting what they need to further their careers. At Insala, our alumni software helps you discover new prospects for business development and talent acquisition that you may not have considered. Plus, your alumni will be provided with an easy way to remain engaged with each and your organization, and we all know that engagement is important to the success of your network.

Donít Forget to Engage

Just because an individual has left your company, doesnít mean that they donít want to remain engaged with it. When you give your alumni great content and career resources through your alumni network, you are also giving them a reason to continue to ďbe a partĒ of your organization. Keeping them engaged allows you to stay of the front of their mind and you are more likely to see benefits such as new clients and brand advocacy from your alumni.

Be Realistic

Itís important that you have realistic expectations for your alumni network from the very beginning. Not all alumni are going to be equal. Some will be very involved in the network and you will see tremendous benefits from keeping them engaged, while others may not participate at all. Be sure to keep an eye on this data so that you can manage your expectations and even tweak your approach to the network if necessary. Donít simply make assumptions based on unrealistic expectations of success.

Think Outside of the Box

Dare to be different. Donít sit back and let your system do all the automated work. Yes, automation is a great tool, but you need to be just as engaged with your network as your alumni are. Keep your content fresh, new, and alive for your alumni. Bring them information and tools that they arenít going to get anywhere else. Be bold. This is how you will really stand out as having a great alumni network and being an organization that your former employees want to continue talking about.

If you are interested in implementing a Corporate Alumni Network for your organization, please contact us today. 

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