Effective Alumni Networking for a Job Search

January 24, 2017
alumni networking
Looking to change careers, but all youíve got is an alumni contact list full of people in your current industry?  If youíre going to look for a job within your  corporate alumni network , itís best to  approach the right people .

 If you share an alumni at ABC incorporated, then you should target your approach to whomever you are appealing to. Donít ask them to do something they canít do, and donít expect any more than what they tell you. If youíre in IT, for example, you wouldnít approach a corporate alumnus on the sales team for hiring opportunities. Here are a pair of helpful tips to make your efforts get you more noticed in todayís competitive jobs market:

Donít come off as desperate or transactional

Think about it. You can typically smell desperation from a mile away. If the first thing you open up with in your job search is your inability to find a job, then youíre doing it wrong. Bring something to the table, even if it's just lunch.  [Click to Tweet]  Your alumni base already knows that youíre reaching out for one reason or another, especially if you didnít know them well at your host organization. At least offer to take them out for chance to discuss business so that there is no misconception on what the point of the meeting is. Some prefer to get straight to business, and a meeting may not be necessary. Either way, present value in exchange for the value you aim to gain from them.

Be genuine in your approach

This ties into the last point. State your intentions clearly from the start. While there exists a need for general networking amongst your alumni base, when looking for a job it is best to make it known early on. If youíve properly networked before the need for a career transition arose, then youíve done it right. For the rest of you, itís time to microwave some relationships. Ask about the company culture, the needs of the department youíre looking into, and anything else you canít find out on the company website.

The job search is difficult, especially if your skillset is specialized after years in an industry. [Click to Tweet] Finding that fit can be made easier by properly utilizing the resources afforded to you by your alumni network. At Insala, we try our best to bridge the gap between people by way of technology backed solutions.

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