How a Mentoring Program Can Help Attract the Top Talent You Need

November 20, 2017
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Itís really no secret that attracting top talent means that your organization needs to provide top opportunities.  These opportunities arenít just a nice office and a reasonable salary. Todayís workforce is looking for more than just the standard expectations. They are looking at your entire organization and how they believe they can benefit from being a part of it.

With the increased competition for the current talent pool and the decrease in retention rates among most organizations, offering benefits that help develop your employees is essential. Offering a mentoring program for the individuals at your organization helps to create an environment that will not only attract new talent, but also give them a reason to stick around.

Distinguish Your Organization

Todayís workforce is looking for ways to develop themselves and not enough organizations are giving them the opportunity. So, be different. Provide potential candidates with something that makes them want to join your organization.

Implementing a mentoring program can help establish a culture that will attract the candidates that you are looking for because you can offer them a benefit that many others are overlooking, and itís a benefit that they genuinely care about. This is a great way to see your talent stock rise above the competition.

Donít Be a Stepping Stone

With the ďMillennial takeoverĒ happening throughout the workforce, many organizations feel like they have become stepping stones in an individualís career journey. These organizations are seeing a decrease in employee retention rates and an increase in turnover costs.

An organization can become the place that individuals want to land at and not step over through simply offering a successful mentoring program. This win-win relationship for the individual and sees the company becoming the front-runner for talented candidates and the employee gaining the knowledge and development that they crave.

Attracting top talent will continue to be challenge for most organizations, but with the implementation of a mentoring program, you can give yourself more power when attempting to attract the candidates that you need. Mentoring puts the long-term development needs of individuals into the spotlight where they want it to be, and sets your organization apart from the others.

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