How Mentoring Software Can Increase Mentor Matching Success

May 01, 2019

We are living in a world dominated by algorithms. Think about it. How many times a day do you use an algorithm without even knowing it?

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Did you search for a new recipe on Google? Google used an algorithm to give you the best search result for that recipe.

Did you get on Facebook and scroll through your newsfeed? Facebook used an algorithm to show you posts that were the most relevant to your life.

Did you listen to the radio today? Believe it or not, auto-tune is driven by an algorithm.  

Algorithms are being used everywhere and if your organization is currently implementing a mentoring program, algorithms should be used there too.

Why is Mentor Matching Important?

To put it simply, mentoring is about establishing mutually beneficial partnerships between individuals to achieve specific goals. That's why successfully matching mentors and mentees is one of the most critical aspects of your mentoring program. Your programís success relies on the overall success of these mentoring relationships and if the right participants arenít matched, you wonít see the results that you need to obtain a return on investment. Organizations have ended their mentoring programs because of these types of challenges. So, what can you do to ensure that doesnít happen? Make the right matches.

Mentoring Software for Matching Success

Using mentoring software with custom algorithm-based matching, like Insalaís Hi-Impact Mentoringģ software, can maximize the efficiency of your matching success. Mentoring software allows organizations to optimize mentor matching byÖ

  • Aligning business objectives with the matching criteria to ensure that the programís goals are being met through the successful matches. This will increase the likelihood of overall program success and increase ROI.
  • Generating potential mentor matches that either the program admin and/or mentee can choose for a match. We typically see 3 types of mentor matching:
    • Self-Matching
    • Admin-Matching
    • Preliminary Matching
  • Saving time and resources when allowing the technology to work for you. Instead of having your administrators manually match each participant using a spreadsheet, the mentoring software uses the custom algorithm to determine which criteria leads to the best match. The quick process is not only saving time but also taking eliminating the human error factor.

Contact us today to learn how Insala's mentor matching process and/or software can help you achieve best-possible mentor-mentee matches with the least possible hassle.

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