Reasons Your Corporate Alumni Need Alumni Software

April 10, 2019

Alumni networks have become a hot topic as individuals are no longer staying with an organization for life. Implementing an alumni network is giving organizations that opportunity to maintain lifelong relationships with these former employees and reap the many benefits associated with doing so. As alumni networks are growing and the needs of alumni are becoming more apparent, organizations are looking to alumni software as a solution for how to manage these networks.

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Alumni software provides a secure place to implement an alumni network through which your organization can interact with and engage your alumni. But this software isnít just for your organization. Alumni software is also beneficial to the alumni participating in your network. Here are a few of the benefits that explain why your corporate alumni need alumni software.



Ryze reports 41% of professionals would like to do more networking but donít feel they have enough time. However, as networking is a huge career development resource, alumni arenít just asking for it they are demanding it. Failing to provide this opportunity for your alumni prevents them from taking advantage of benefits, such as job opportunities.

Alumni software makes it easier for your alumni to network. It allows them to direct message one another, supports groups of alumni with similarities and provides them forums to communicate through, and offers the chance to register for events you hold for in-person networking.

Job Opportunities

If they are no longer part of your organization, there is a possibility that your alumni are partaking in a job search. Alumni software offers them the opportunity to search for internal and external jobs, as well as post jobs for other alumni to view. It also offers a resume builder to help your alumni keep updated, relevant resumes to distribute in their job search and record their career development.

You also canít forget that being a part of your network gives your alumni the opportunity to potentially rejoin your organization one day. 15% of employees have gone back to their previous organizations. These boomerang employees lead to less expensive hires and quicker acclimation to the workplace.


Alumni software aids in the distribution of customized information for your alumni. This can be done through your alumni feed or by using the groups that have been created. Because groups are based on similarities, you will be able to use your software to communicate with each one specifically. In your communication you can add personalized messages to cater to these groups.

Alumni software also supports multiple languages, allowing global alumni to participate in the language with which they are most comfortable. This customization expands your network capabilities and gives all of your alumni the opportunity to network globally.

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