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Tools for Increasing Corporate Alumni Engagement

If you build it… will they come? Creating a corporate alumni network is an important milestone, congratulations! When your network first launches, or when individuals are introduced to the network, you'll see a buzz of activity. After that initial period, why will individuals return to your platform? 

How to increase corporate alumni engagement

While keeping alumni engaged is the key to the success of an alumni program, it’s also one of the biggest challenges for alumni professionals. 90% of organizations admit that they do a “poor job” of attracting and engaging their alumni despite knowing the value of a strong alumni network for members.

Some of the most important benefits of a thriving alumni network for alumni are:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to job boards
  • Access to company updates and industry news
  • Career advancement tools

The right tools enable alumni professionals to deliver these benefits and more. In turn, helping alumni see the value and increasing engagement.

Many organizations find that alumni software, equipped with the right features, makes the cumbersome task of maintaining engagement with alumni manageable.

10 software features for corporate alumni engagement

These features of our alumni solution promote alumni engagement by enabling and encouraging members to connect with the organization and grow their network. 

  1. Networking Profile
    As networking is one of the main benefits of an alumni network, each member needs the ability to create a networking profile. Our solution allows members to build a personalized profile with flexible privacy settings and the option to import some information from LinkedIn.

  2. Searchable Networking Directory  
    Once a member’s profile is created, they begin building their professional network with peers by searching the directory. Giving your alumni the opportunity to find the right connections will enhance their experience and increase their desire to engage on your platform.

  3. Recommended Connections
    Using profile data, the platform suggests connections like former colleagues or members with commonalities. Notifications regarding recommended connections bring members back to the site so they can connect and engage with others.

  4. Chat and Video Conferencing
    After connecting, members have access to messaging, chat, and video conferencing features within the portal; enabling members to cultivate relationships within their professional network.

  5. Groups
    Alumni grow their professional network by creating, joining, and contributing to groups within the platform. Active groups bring alumni back to the portal to see updates and be part of the conversation.

  6. Job Board
    Rehiring and referrals are two benefits of alumni networks for members and organizations. Alumni view current opportunities at your organization on the job board. In addition, members post external jobs within for their professional network to view. 

  7. Company and Alumni News
    Engage members by emailing company updates and event information from your platform. Sharing alumni milestones and announcements shows that you are committed to alumni success and strengthens the community.

  8. Event Registration
    80% of professionals state that they value networking as an important aspect of their career growth. Creating opportunities for members to grow their network and participate in company events is critical. Features, like our events calendar and event registration tool, help inform alumni about upcoming events, give them the ability to register, and add the event to their personal calendar.

  9. Career advancement tools
    Offering career advancement tools within your alumni platform is one of the greatest benefits for members. Alumni achieve career development goals while staying engaged with your organization. Career advancement tools include:
    Assessments: These exploration exercises assist alumni in their next career move and facilitate self-awareness.
    Career Advice Content:  This supports alumni as they build a career development plan or move through their career transition. 
    Career Research Tool:  Alumni gain access to Hoovers D&B database to carry out research about organizations and potential employers.
    Resume Tool: Members get assistance in the creation of professional resumes.

  10. Alumni Resources
    Alumni programs often have discount programs for members or offer special services for their alumni. Housing these programs within your portal is another way to encourage members to return to the alumni platform and stay connected to your organization.

Click here to view the infographic:  10 Software Features for Alumni Engagement

Insala is ready to help you build, manage, and maintain your company's corporate alumni network, book a meeting with our team.

Through innovative web-based SaaS technology, Insala partners with organizations to accelerate performance and drive evidence-based decisions for organizations and their people.


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