Experts To Follow In The Diversity & Inclusion Space

Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) is essential to the growth, prosperity, and continuation of any organization or business. However, it can be quite difficult to find reliable and knowledgeable D&I experts; especially those with first-hand lived experiences, such as women.
As we make our way through Women’s History Month, let us help you out by providing some phenomenal women with masterful skill sets, teams, organizational assets, and the opportunity for you to accept and embody D&I in your organization properly.

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Super Women In The D&I Space

As our world is constantly evolving, growing, and D&I is becoming a more interwoven fabric of our life tapestry, it is imperative to identify folks in the D&I space that are knowledgeable, accessible, relatable, and exactly what you and your team and organization need to continue to be successful. It is also imperative that you ensure you are providing opportunities for individuals with marginalized identities to engage in those as facilitators, trainers, speakers, and consultants, specifically women; especially women of color.

No need to search, we have done the heavy lifting for you! Here is a list of top-rated D&I and workplace inclusivity facilitators, trainers, storytellers, strategists, practitioners, and consultants. We are sure that these D&I super women will be able to provide all you are seeking and more!

Marieportraits-6sqsmMarie Deveaux (She/Her)
Founder and CEO High Tides Consulting

Beginning in Americorps and serving underserved communities, Marie excelled in her career as an educator and manager. Her achievements led her to a position as the Director of Training and Development at one of the largest charter school networks in New York City and ultimately being the Founder and CEO of High Tides Consulting.

High Tides Consulting focuses on human performance improvement through a variety of services including Team and Executive Coaching, Vision Roadmap creations, and customized culture discovery sessions; all with the mission of “magnifying the voices and agency of women and minorities in corporate and entrepreneurial spaces to further the economic progress of marginalized communities.”

To learn more or contact Marie and High Tide Consulting please visit

Dr. Linda Wiley Bing (She/Her), PhD, CDE, CRS
Lead Consultant & CEO Turning Points Leadership Group, LLC

Turning Point Leadership Group LLC is a performance improvement company specializing in making workplace cultures more diverse, equitable, and inclusive and it does so primarily through the development of inclusive leaders at all levels in the organization. TPLG is one of the few DEI firms to put an emphasis on the development of employee resource groups (ERGs), their leaders, and their alignment with overall business objectives. The services provided by TPLG include training, coaching, consulting, strategic planning, and more.

For more information, visit or call (404) 814–5259.

Na’Zia Hullum (She/Her)
Owner Operator of Strategic Business Program (SBP)

SBP is a one-stop-shop for human resources and DEI assistance. From contract templates to a virtual administrative assistant to obtaining an involved DEI consultant to ensure inclusion, equity, and personnel satisfaction within your organization, SBP has what you need.

To contact Na’Zia go to and be sure to follow her on Instagram (@hrbossbabe).

Lisa Balser (She/Her)
Founder & CEO of New & Improved, LLC

Headed by a Creative Director and Certified Diversity Executive (CDE) with over 20 years of advertising industry experience, New & Improved focuses on helping organizations and individuals identify their DEI CTA™ (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Call-To-Action™) and bring it to reality. Lisa and the New & Improved team meet all of their clients wherever they are on their DEI journey, and help organizations foster inclusive environments, nurture and retain diverse talent, and produce better work — inevitably yielding better results.

Through consulting, assessments, coaching, and training, New and Improved has the skills, resources, expertise, and experience to guide everyone in your organization as they contribute to creating positive change.

To contact New & Improved, please visit

Insala - Women To Watch In the Diversity & Inclusion Space - Vessy Tasheva Vessy Tasheva (She/They)
Founder & CEO of

An absolute POWER combination, strives to engage leaders and employees in organizations to create and maintain a healthy, inclusive, and purpose-driven culture, enabling everyone to be able to contribute their best during both times of growth and crisis by combining D&I and Mental health. With customized holistic approaches available to ensure empowerment, education, and proper strategy throughout every level of the organization ensuring lasting results.

To contact Vessy please go to

Zakiya Mabery (She/Her)
Founder of B. Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Planning, LLC

Founded on the mission to assist leaders in being successful, create environments of engagement, and assist with improving organizational cultures worldwide for all people, B.Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Planning, LLC offers introductory consultation, facilitation, and the opportunity to secure an amazing inclusion speaker! Founder, Zakiya, has lived experiences based on her intersectionality that could shine light in places that you didn't even know existed in your own organization.

If you would like to contact B. Global Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Planning, LLC please visit

Manpreet Dhillon (She/Her)
Founder & CEO of Veza Global

Veza Global is an internationally experienced organization dedicated to ensuring Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and belonging is interwoven throughout organizations in order to create inclusive culture while attracting and retaining diverse team members, all while improving organizational performance. Through data-driven organization models combined with assessment technology, Veza Global has the desire and ability to transform any organization's diversity of thought to ensure every individual’s strengths are recognized, accepted, and included.

To contact Veza Global, please visit

Dr. Nika White (She/Her)
President and CEO of Nika White Consulting

Led by Dr. Nika White (Best Selling & Forbes Book Author), Nika White Consulting prides itself on utilizing a strategic diversity and equity lens and intentional inclusion to assist businesses and organizations in navigating their positive evolution by providing practical solutions and resources. Nika White Consulting produces blogs, books, and white papers. They also can be booked for speaking engagements, intentional conversations, and their Inclusion Uncomplicated training.

To contact Nika White Consulting, please visit

Tori D. Lenton (She/Hers), MBA, MAEd
Founder & CEO of Tori Denise Consulting

Tori Denise Consulting is dedicated to offering and providing professional career, lifestyle, and celebrity consulting services by providing tailor-made business solutions and career strategies enabling one’s maximum potential to be reached. Tori Denise Consulting strives to perfect the professional pivot needed for individuals to encompass their passion and strengthen their business practices, creating more opportunity for positive growth and expansion.

If you would like to contact Tori Denise Consulting please visit

Dr. Janice Gassam Asare (She/Hers)
Founder and Principal Consultant

Now standing on the mission and purpose of helping to equip organizations and institutions with the tools to remove systemic barriers that perpetuate inequities, Black White Green (BWG) Business Solutions was founded in 2018 by Dr. Janice Gassam Asare with the initial purpose of helping organizations and institutions attract, develop, and retain employees from racialized backgrounds. BWG stands for "black, white, green" which was derived from the idea that diversity is not about black or white but green.

By focusing on the most marginalized populations, all employees will benefit. We are past the point where businesses need to understand the "business case" for diversity. Any company that fails to prioritize the needs of its employees, especially those from marginalized communities, will not be sustainable.

To contact BWG Business Solutions, please visit

Dr. Fatima Hafiz (She/Her), PhD
Chief Evolutionary Officer (CEO) of TEA Group

Beginning as an independent facilitator, Dr. Hafiz has built a consultation and facilitation team at the TEA (Transformative Education Associates) Group that truly values community work. With over 19 years of experience and over 10 years in business, the TEA Group seeks to deliver services that define, deliver, and support the development of others in delivering human-centric services.

The type of education and facilitation provided by the TEA Group utilizes principles that consider the development of the person and the collective.

To contact Dr. Hafiz and the TEA Group, please visit

Adrienne Ostroff (She/Her)
Founder & Principal of Athena Actuarial Consulting

Founded on high-proficiency in actuarial consulting and analytical measurement methods, Athena Actuarial Consulting (ATHENA) holds a commitment to innovation and diversity. With experience focused on retirement, healthcare, workers' compensation, HR strategy & operations, and workforce analytics, their goal is to arm professionals, specifically in HR, Finance, and DEI, with the insights they need to make data-driven decisions on behalf of their employees.

Recently, adding to their service list, ATHENA launched a new suite of workforce analytics solutions that aim to close the gender pay gap, including a Pay Equity Assessment.

To contact Athena Actuarial Consulting and learn more about their Pay Equity Assessment, please visit


About Insala

Actively developing your women leaders gives them the opportunity to show your leadership team the value they bring to the organization. This will help to boost their confidence as a leader and motivate them to continue to push past any barriers.

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Through innovative web-based SaaS technology, Insala partners with organizations to accelerate performance and drive evidence-based decisions for organizations and their people.

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