Benefits of Hiring from Your Corporate Alumni Network

February 26, 2018
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One of the great benefits of implementing an alumni network for your organization is the increased possibility of re-hiring employees. These re-hires, also called boomerang employees, may have left your organization, but because they chose to be part of your alumni network, they are usually still very engaged.


The re-hiring of boomerang employees has been on the rise during the past few years and itís not hard to see why. Your organization can receive several benefits when you look into your alumni network to fill a position. Here are a few of the top benefitsÖ

They Are Familiar with Your Organization

This is one of the best benefits of re-hiring an employee. Not only will they already know about your culture, but the time it takes to onboard can be cut down and they can be a productive employee much sooner.

They Bring New Knowledge and Skills to the Position

You knew what they had to offer when they left your organization, and now they will be bringing back so much more. You can expect your boomerang employees to come back with knowledge and experience from outside of your organization. This can give you the upper hand in predicting the industry trends.

Potential to Increase Retention

All your employees will take notice when one of their peers returns. Your boomerang employee can attest to the improvements made since the left and let others know what is available outside of your organization. This information has the potential to increase retention rates as people realize that your organization is their best option for success.

Reduce Hiring Costs 

When you choose to hire a former employee from your alumni network you are giving yourself a chance to save a lot of money on hiring costs. Recruiting costs and advertising costs that are usually needed when hiring outside of your talent become obsolete and you can simply focus on the right candidate for the job from your alumni network. Itís been reported that organizations can cut costs up to 50% per hiring by choosing to employee a boomerang.

If you are interested in having the ability to receive these benefits, contact us and let us help you implement a corporate alumni network for your organization.

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